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CDNC's Grassroots Fellowship

Electing local Democrats Across The State

The core mission of the College Democrats of North Carolina is to empower young people to become involved in the political process and electing Democrats across our state. Our duty of supporting a diverse slate of organizers, activists, and candidates didn’t stop in November 2020, which is why we’re excited to announce the Grassroots Fellowship, CDNC’s newest program established to elect Democrats to local office across North Carolina in 2022.

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Our Mission

Local and municipal offices have some of the most impact on our day-to-day lives, but local campaigns often receive the least amount of resources and attention.


We’re changing that by providing Democratic candidates the help they need in order to get elected and make change in their communities. 

Our Fellows

We are training young organizers to provide support to local Democratic campaigns across the state. We've hired 7 Fellows who are working to help candidates run field, communications, and finance programs. We're proud to be training young organizers and also helping to elect Democrats locally across North Carolina. 

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More information
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